Commercial vs Literary fiction – What divides them?

This :

Is classified under literary fiction. It focuses more on the psychological journeys of its characters rather than a speedy plot. It has detailed imagery and beautifully crafted prose. If you read it, you may percieve that it was never written with an instinct of being seen rather than being significant.

Whereas this : The Da Vinci Code.

Has a strong plotting and swift pace. It usually falls in a particular genre. One might easily see its charm in hooking the reader and being catchy. It’s intention was more at winning hearts than introspecting one’s psyche.

Now coming to the grey waters : The White Tiger.

This book upheavels our notions of difference between literary and commercial fiction. It blurs the boundaries with insightful characters, moderately paced plot and a less ambiguous ending than strictly ‘literary’ fiction. Recently it has been called as ‘upmarket fiction’.

There you see lies the difference and at times it can be – none.

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